The experience of a car accident is a shocking and even life-altering experience.  If immediately following a Maine car accident you’re able to follow the steps below, you will be better off receiving the compensation you deserve for your car-related damage and accident-related medical expenses.

What To Do After A Car Accident

  1. Take photos
    1. Before the vehicles have been moved, use your cell phone to photograph the scene. These photos may later help your liability arguments against the other driver.

    2. With your cellphone camera, document the other vehicle’s license plate, the other person’s driver’s license, his/her registration, and insurance card. Don’t rely on anyone else to get the information of the other driver. Mistakes can be made by third parties like the police.

    3. Document with photos the street layout including any intersections, traffic control devices, signage, or anything else the driver may have disobeyed like yellow and white traffic lines.

    4. Document with photos the damage caused to your vehicle by the car accident. Capture a larger area from about five feet away, so a third party like your insurance company or a lawyer looking at the photo can see everything.

  2. Call the police
    1. Make sure you call the police to have them arrive at the scene of the car accident. You are also responsible for getting the police report from the officer (s).

    2. Obtain a police report. In Maine, you can obtain a report online if you can’t get one from the officer directly.

  3. Seek medical treatment.
    1. You may not feel pain immediately after a car accident, but especially if you do feel pain after a Maine car accident it is critically important to seek emergency medical treatment. While the police are still on the scene, recount your pain to the police and make sure to describe each body part that’s causing the pain as a result of the accident. Even if you’re experiencing only slight discomfort be sure to have your pain documented by the police at the scene of the car accident.  Keep in mind that pain following a trauma often gets worse before getting better.

    2. If you start feeling new pain in the days following a car accident, and you’ve not gone to the emergency room yet, immediately seek medical treatment. See your primary care physician, seek an Urgent Care facility or your closest hospital.

    3. Medical bills related to a car accident in Maine are covered by the insurance company of the at-fault driver. This means that the insurance company of the driver responsible for the accident is responsible for covering your medical bills.

  4. Report the car accident to your insurance company
    1. As soon as you’re able, contact your insurance company and provide a full report of the car accident. Be honest. And your insurance company will look into the car accident claim for you.

What Not To Do After A Car Accident

  1. Never say “I’m sorry.”
    1. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong you may feel inclined to say “I’m sorry!” Don’t do this. An apology whether you’re at fault or not could be considered an admission of guilt or “Party Admission” and work against you for your car accident claim in court.

  2. Don’t lose your cool!
    1. Although the experience of a car accident can be high-intensity, scary, and unsettling, it’s important to stay calm. Any irrational behavior on your behalf at the scene of the accident could be noted on your police report and erode their trust in you.

  3. Don’t sign anything
    1. To avoid paying out major compensation, insurance companies have been known to offer sums of money in return for signing a “Release.” The insurance company representative may say they’re sorry for your car accident experience and they want to compensate you for your trouble. They could even show up at your place of residence with a check and the Release.  Don’t sign! Your signature would relinquish the insurance company for compensating you in full for all the expenses you endure as a result of the accident. The sum they offer may not cover all your bills.

    2. Following a car accident, you may not be thinking clearly and bottom line you’re not in a good position to sign away your rights. If you do find yourself in this situation, you can politely decline and contact a Maine personal injury lawyer.  This attorney will advise you of your rights and you can make an informed decision.

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To navigate the many loopholes, deadlines, and back and forth with the at-fault insurance companies, and to ensure your accident-related expenses like car damage and medical bills are properly paid in full by the insurance companies, you may consider hiring legal counsel.

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