Speeding is a dangerous type of aggressive driving that is a factor in many motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist struck by a speeding car or truck can suffer severe injuries or die.

Motorcyclists are especially at risk of being seriously hurt or killed by a speeding driver when there is a crash because motorcycles lack seatbelts, airbags, metal enclosures, and other safety features present in passenger vehicles.

Speeding, which involves exceeding the posted speed limit, including driving too fast for conditions, is dangerous at any time. Crashes can inflict life-changing injuries, impact your quality of life, and cause you to be unable to work.

Motorcyclists who are injured in accidents caused by speeding drivers are typically entitled to financial compensation for their losses.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can determine how speeding contributed to the crash, provide information regarding your losses, and explain the types of compensation you may be entitled to.

The experienced Maine motorcycle accident lawyers at Mann Law can help you gather evidence and build a strong case.

If the insurance company makes a lowball settlement offer, our motorcycle accident attorneys will reject it and negotiate for the maximum settlement available. If the insurance company is unwilling to compensate you fairly, we won’t hesitate to try your case in court.

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How Speeding Leads to Accidents

Speeding is among the most common contributors to motorcycle accidents. A speeding driver puts all drivers on the road at risk of being seriously injured or killed in a crash. Some of the ways speeding can lead to a motorcycle accident include:

  1. Decreased Reaction Time. When speeding, a motorist may have to react quickly to prevent a crash. Speeding decreases the amount of time they have to react to pressing situations, making a crash with a motorcycle far more likely.
  2. Increased Distance Required for Stopping: The faster a car or truck travels, the longer it takes them to come to a complete stop. For example, a motorist may not have enough time to stop if the motorcycle in front of them has to suddenly stop.
  3. Loss of Control. Higher speeds make it harder for a driver to control their vehicle. This is especially dangerous when a driver attempts to navigate a curve. A driver who loses control could roll over, swerve into another lane, or crash into a motorcycle. The unpredictability of a vehicle that has lost control makes it hard for a motorcyclist to avoid a crash.
  4. Increased Impact Force: When an individual drives a car or truck speeds, they are increasing the amount of energy in their vehicle. The greater this energy, the greater the seriousness of the accident. Collisions at high speeds greatly increase the risk of severe injury or death for the motorcyclist.
  5. Decreased Visibility. Car and truck drivers often do not see motorcyclists—even when they are not speeding. When a motorist is speeding, they have less time to see motorcyclists and may misjudge the distance between them and the motorcyclist. This makes motorcycles more at risk of being struck by speeding drivers.

Speeding and Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The National Safety Council reported that in 2019 in the United States:

  • Speeding was a factor in 26% of all motor vehicle fatalities, killing 9,478 people. That’s an average of more than 25 people each day.

  • 8,544 fatal motor vehicle crashes were attributed to speeding.

  • Young male drivers between the ages of 15 to 24 were most likely to be speeding at the time of deadly crashes (at least 30%).

The NSC reported that while motorcycles make up only 3% of all registered vehicles and 0.6% of all vehicle miles traveled, motorcyclists accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities in 2019.

The NHTSA estimates that, in 2018, for each mile traveled, the number of fatalities on motorcycles was almost 27 times the number in cars.

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

The impact of a speeding car and a motorcycle is often violent. It may throw the motorcyclist from their bike and onto the pavement. Common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents caused by speeding include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries,

  • Neck injuries,

  • Spinal cord injuries,

  • Broken bones,

  • Paralysis,

  • Amputations,

  • Internal bleeding,

  • Road rash,

  • Eye injuries, and

  • Sprains and strains.

How a Maine Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

When you are involved in a collision with a speeding vehicle, the last thing you want to deal with is a lawsuit. You should not have to do it all by yourself.

If you were injured by a driver who was speeding, the committed Maine motorcycle accident lawyers at Mann Law will get to work right away on your case.

We will launch an in-depth investigation into the accident to determine the causes of the crash and the liable parties responsible for compensating you for your injuries.

The skilled personal injury lawyers at Mann Law will negotiate with insurance companies to make sure you receive the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Some of the ways in which Mann Law can help with your motorcycle accident case include:

  • Completing an in-depth accident investigation

  • Gathering relevant evidence

  • Consulting with accident reconstruction experts

  • Evaluating all your losses

  • Obtaining the necessary documentation, including medical records

  • Negotiating with the insurers for a fair settlement

  • Representing you at trial, if necessary

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