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A friend recommended Chrissy Mann to me, that’s why I went with her. I had talked to a good friend of mine, and I said, “Look, I need a lawyer.” He came back with two names. And I looked up the bios of both people. So the one person’s bio looked to me, like, I might just be another widget on the assembly line. And when I read Chrissy’s bio, I thought, “you know, here’s somebody who’s young, energetic, very smart. And so you know what, let me try.” You know, there are all kinds of things that arise in terms of insurance. Chrissy, as you may know, works with a woman named Robin… and Robin literally lifted all that stuff right off my shoulders. The most I had to do was email her and say, “I have this, what should I do?” And she would say, “send it to me, and I’ll take care of it.” Which she did each and every time. I was traveling on my way to Portland and fellow came across the double yellow line and hit me head on. The legal part drags on as long as the… as the medical part. And to have somebody patiently go through that with you, and then take you to completion where now there’s a settlement you’re satisfied with and you feel like, sort of… justice has been done. And she understands the insurance industry. And the woman who works with her, Robin, understands the insurance industry. And so these are two very knowledgeable people. So you feel confidence, right from the get go, that they know what they’re talking about. In fact, they were able to negotiate and eventually they resolved it totally in my favor. I was like, yes, that’s taken care of. Tenacious! Absolutely tenacious. There was this wonderful feeling of care. I mean, I felt like I was almost getting therapy, in terms of the supportive nature of how they treated me. But I also felt like they were tough as nails when it came to not just helping me resolve my case, but, but… doing the best they could for me, in my case.

- Russell K

Chrissy did a really good job managing expectations. She did a great job supporting me individually through the emotional part of being injured… and trying to still be a mom… and go back to work and manage personal relationships. It’s evident that she’s supported people through that process. Chrissy comes off just as very relatable. She just seems like a good friend. But when it came down to time to be in mediation, she was very aggressive and really made sure that I got what we were looking for. Chrissy isn’t breaking the mold… I feel like she’s reinventing it. She’s changing what people can expect for service from a lawyer.

- Traci

Working with Mann Law helped me understand that everything I lost had a value and that it was justified to be in this process. Mann Law did not make me feel small or make me feel like I was being unreasonable. I felt that I was supported, and encouraged to be in the process, and look for financial compensation for what had been taken from me. I agree that caring affects compensation. And in my experience, the times that I got to come in and meet with both Robin and Chrissy– and have them take the time to really listen to what the aftermath of this was for me–made a big difference. Chrissy and her team kept calling to check on me– “how do we best represent what this really did to you?” That’s a big deal. It means that they’re invested in the bigger picture of what really happened to me and then they’re going to look out for me when they go and ask for financial compensation. I felt comfortable sharing my story without the fear of judgment or being belittled or discredited. If there’s an accident and injury, you don’t have to do it alone. And having that support will free you up to do what you need to do which is to get better and to take care of yourself or your family. Chrissy Mann was my advocate. When you walk into a law firm, it’s important to feel that it’s welcoming. It’s kind, sensitive, sympathetic, informative, and honest. All of those things are what I experienced when I came in and met with both Robin and Chrissy.

- Theresa

When it was over, she looked at me and she said, “you’re done. You won.” I just felt like a whole weight was lifted off my shoulders. Really, I couldn’t have done any of this without Chrissy and her team. I truly appreciate them more than they will ever know. I can’t say enough positive things about Chrissy and her staff. They were always very helpful in answering my many questions and never once made me feel like I was bothering them. I would highly recommend Mann Law to anyone that I know that is looking for legal assistance.

- Jenn

I’m blown away by the settlement she got me. I would recommend her to anybody and everybody that’s, uh, really from the heart. That’s deep down. So we went ahead and pursued that. And she hit it out of the park for me, never been in an accident. I’ve never had to go through this kind of process. She took me by the hand and she did an excellent job. She so far exceeded what I thought would happen. I’m blown away by the settlement she got me. Never been in an accident. I’ve never had to go through this kind of process. She enlightened me on a lot of stuff. And she hit it out of the park for me. And she had like 52 reviews five stars across the board. You know, I talked to my wife and I said, “I’m gonna give this girl a call.” And I did…  and it’s probably one of the best decisions I made in my life. And that’s the God’s honest truth.

- Bryan

What a thoughtful, kind, comforting, thorough, impressive group of women to have on your side! ******* and ***** are truly the best. I had a very significant injury due to a fall on a wet, oily incline while leaving a store, and literally destroyed my knee. After trying unsuccessfully simply to have my medical expenses covered, I was referred by a friend to Mann Law. I couldn’t be more thankful. To work with a group of only women who are strong, confident, and extremely attentive, is a gift. ******* and ***** constantly put my mind at ease about the guilt that I felt once I was rejected by the company’s lawyer. They took my case and checked in with me regularly. They made sure that I was fully reimbursed all along the way for my surgery, 15 months of physical therapy and follow up doctor’s ************* all the while going out of their way to make certain that I felt comfortable and supported. *****, with whom I worked most closely, was extraordinarily attentive to every conceivable detail. She is competent, knowledgeable, and really enjoyable to work with. What a wonderful decision it was to be represented by this fantastic team!

- Anonymous
I have known Chrissy for the last two and a half years and it has been an honor to have her representation. From our first meeting she and her paralegal staff, Robin did an exceptional job with my case. They explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and were always very responsive when I had questions outside our meetings. Working with Mann Law was incredibly easy and the least stressful part of a very difficult painful event in my life. They allowed me to focus on getting well while they dealt with multiple insurance companies and sorted out my medical bills. I am amazed at Chrissy’s insight in handling complex legal issues and very grateful for her aggressive approach. Without hesitation, I give Christiana Mann and Robin Ray my highest recommendation.  – taken from Mann Law Portland Google page
- Elizabeth Masson

I have nothing but praise for Mann Law! After I was rear ended and left with an injury that caused chronic pain and headaches, I tried to navigate the claim process on my own for a few months. The process of dealing with the insurance companies and all the medical bills that were piling up was causing much stress and overwhelm and I finally realized I needed help. I had no idea where to start when looking for legal representation, but after reading some reviews, I had a gut feeling that Mann Law was the one to contact. I wasn’t wrong! From the very first call, Chrissy and Robin both made me feel so comfortable! Their friendliness, willingness, and ability to explain things and overall fantastic communication skills made me feel well taken care of. I immediately trusted that they were going to do their best to help me and had my best interests at heart. It turned out to be a lengthier process to settle (due to tricky health insurance and hospital billing issues) but they were great at reaching out to give me status updates and Robin was always quick to respond to my emails if I was wondering what was going on! They fought hard to get me a fair settlement and I’m very pleased with how it all turned out in the end. If you find yourself in a situation that’s over your head and causing nothing but stress, don’t be like me and wait it out…just give Mann Law a call. I promise you won’t regret it! – taken from Mann Law Bangor Google page

- Crystal Levesque

I have so much to be thankful for…I survived a terrible auto accident and I chose Christianna Mann at Mann law for legal counsel …she and her paralegal Candace were amazing!.Chrissy Manns experience and guidance put you at ease and her compassion and hard work give you confidence so you can focus on recovery.Together these women are a force to deal with and constantly keep you informed.TRUST MANN LAW You cannot go wrong choosing Chrissy Mann. From the heart thank you….. Mikaila DiAngelo

- Devandandre DiAngelo

Very personable, professional, and dedicated service. This firm makes sure you feel valued, protected, and helps you understand the possible outcomes so that you can thoughtfully gauge the path you want to take. Highly recommend!

- Sarah K. Nichols

Christiana Mann and her team helped me through the stressful aftermath of being injured in a motor vehicle accident. Chrissy took the time to explain everything to me, listened to all of my concerns and took the stress right away. My calls/e-mails were always answered quickly and I felt 100% confident that she was going to take care of everything and she did! I recommend her highly and will call on her for help in the future if needed. She is so pleasant to talk with and sincerely cares about you as her client. I feel lucky to have found her! Her paralegal, Candace, is also amazing, kind and so helpful.

- Kimberly Solberg

I don’t think a person could ask for a better lawyer than Christiana Mann, She and her Paralegal Candice work tirelessly for their clients to get the best results. They are Kind, understanding, compassionate, open minded, professional and honest.. What Lawyers are meant to be. If you are looking for the best, you found her!

- Theresa Dubois

Both Chrissy Mann and Candace (paralegal) were amazing and always on top of things. They were extremely supportive in every step of the way, which can be very stressful and over whelming. I would go back to them in a heart beat and highly recommend this law firm.

- Angela Orlando

Christina Mann and her team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. She responds quickly to emails and calls and communicates effectively. She exudes confidence and will give you a comfort level that you’ve made the right decision to engage her firm. I would not hesitate to recommend her or to work with her again!

- Dana Moos

Chrissy was representing me through a particularly difficult divorce that was multi-faceted. She was patient, empathetic, kind and honest about all of my options and always kept my long term best interests at heart. She made a very emotional time as smooth as possible and for that I’m eternally grateful. She was a wonderful communicator and made sure I was aware of all the steps leading up the court process. I would highly recommended Chrissy for your legal needs. You won’t be disappointed!

- Nicole Seeley

I was in a car accident about three years ago and hired Attorney Mann as my personal injury lawyer. From the first time I met her, Attorney Mann felt like a friend who understood what I was going through. She clearly explained the insurance legal lingo and fought to get the most compensation for my injuries. I don’t think I could have gotten through the whole process without her! I highly recommend Attorney Mann for anyone in need of a professional, kind, compassionate personal injury lawyer.

- E Gove

I needed legal representation recently. I was referred to Mann Law LLC in Yarmouth, Maine. Christiana Mann and her team were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She is confident, listens well to the facts and provides solutions to help you through the case. Chrissy and Candice are thorough with information and communication. I highly recommend Mann Law and would use Chrissy and her team again if necessary!

- Paul Stratis

The injury claim process was a long road, but Mann Law was there every step of the way, to explain every detail, and make me feel comfortable with the process. In the end, they made me feel like a winner! Chrissy and Candace were both professional, compassionate. I really enjoyed working with them both. I would recommend Mann Law.

- Michael Green

I had a car accident almost 4 years ago and thanks to Chrissy Mann and her paralegal Candace we finally settled and I feel like I have closure and can move on from the accident. I can’t say enough positive things about Chrissy and her staff. They were always so helpful in answering my many questions and never once made me feel like I was bothering them- they were more like a good friend helping me through everything and always willing to explain the complexity of my case. Chrissy is one of the nicest people I have met and when she says she is going to fight hard for your case she is right. I would and will highly recommend Mann Law to anyone that I know that is looking for legal assistance. I hope to never have to go through another injury case, but if I do you can bet I am going to call Chrissy at Mann Law. Thank you Chrissy and Candace for everything- you truly are the best in the business!

- Jennifer Gower

I am so fortunate to have had a friend recommend Chrissy to me after a badly broken leg. Very happy ? with all her help. Anyone in need of a personal injury attorney would be smart to call Mann Law.

- Judy Acquin

What sets Chrissy apart from other firms is her compassion for her clients. While it wasn’t necessary for my case, she took the time to really get to know the person my husband was. She and her fantastic team left no stone unturned gathering information. She kept me regularly updated and answered any questions I had. I originally hired Chrissy for her vast knowledge and experience, but got so much more. She gave my family closure..DL

- Daphne Lawler

Chrissy Mann and her staff at Mann Law where very, friendly, professional and made me feel very welcomed & comfortable, which helped greatly in making my decision to retain her as my lawyer. This is the second time I have retained Mann law to represent me and she did an outstanding job. So happy with the outcome. I feel like I have a good rapport with Mann Law and will continue to utilize there services if needed in the future.
Thanks so much,
Mike Curran

- Mike Curran

Chrissy and her staff were a breathe of fresh air after my husband’s car accident and months of attempting to settle the dispute on our own. After what seemed like daily phone calls and frustration navigating multiple insurance carriers and medical billing offices, handing it all over to Chrissy and her staff was the relief we needed. Our settlement was much higher than we would have been able to negotiate on our own and we were able to move forward with our lives rather than remain buried in the details. Highly Highly recommend!

- Shannon Merrill

Chrissy Mann, Robin and Candice were professional, courteous and pleasant at all times. They all made us feel like family. At our home we enjoyed coffee, snacks and many laughs. We discussed the RD industry. LOL. They all went above and beyond and helped change our lives forever.
Thank you
Joe and Karen “RD” C.

- Joe Colombo

Awesome people..I stayed with Chrissy when she opened her own law firm and I am so glad I did. Her and Candace were very responsive to all my questions and email correspondence. If I’m ever in need of an attorney again I will for sure be contacting her. You can’t go wrong!!..Again great people.

- Kim W

What a blessing Chrissy and her staff have been for us in such a bleak year we have had in 2020, finally a bright spot in all of the craziness. I actually never got to meet her in person, due to COVID restrictions and living in another state in the South, but I always felt comfortable with her during our phone conversations . I had an injury back in 2017 and have been working with a lawyer in my state to try and get medical reimbursement through the company’s liability insurance. With her hard work and determination, she was able to get a settlement that we were pleased with, within months. She fought hard while dealing with the insurance company and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I so appreciate her and her staff for their kind, thorough, professional work she blessed us with. I highly recommend her, thanks Mann Law!!

- Sharon Nelson

Everyone who works at this agency is amazing. They respond to their calls and know their clients personally. When i always called they knew who i was. They worked around my schedule and always called me in a timely manner to give me updates of what was going on with every step of my case. If you ever have an accident and have medical bills mann law will always work their hardest to not only get you the settlement you deserve but they will work after the settlement is completed to negotiate your bills so you can get more money back in your pocket. They are an amazing law office and i would recommend them to anybody that needs someone who will really work for them and cares. You dont find a lot of places like that right now! I thank them for all their time and effort and help!

- Shantelle Forgue

Just to say they took control and I did not have to worry about anything. They stayed in touch and checked in on me to make sure I was doing okay after my slip and fall (broken wrist in three places)…
Thank you Ladies ?? Hopefully I will not need you again, but I will if needed…??

- Lisa Jordan

As someone who was completely unfamiliar with the process of using an attorney after an accident, finding Christiana and Mann Law was such a relief. Chrissy was not the first attorney I spoke with, but was the only one who made me feel at ease. I completely trust that she always has her client’s best interests in mind, and moving forward I would absolutely work with her and Candace again.

- Gabrielle Betters

Attorney Mann and staff were professional compassionate very responsive to my needs. They should be your first choice in the event of an injury. They made what seems very complex to me simple. Thank-you

- Dan Belanger

Chrissy and her staff were great. Professional friendly service throughout the process. The final settlement was far better than expected. Thanks to all of you!

- Cynthia Lockwood

My experience was nothing but positive and I was very fortunate to have the legal help needed from Mann Law. I spoke extensively with Christiana and her assistant Robin throughout the process, and they were nothing but wonderful to me. Not only were they able to help with any questions/concerns that I had, but you could tell that they were passionate about what they did. It was clear from the beginning that my physical/emotional well-being was their priority. Contacting them was no problem, whether it was via email or over the phone, and they responded quickly. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this establishment. All I really had to do was let Chrissy and Robin take control, and it was a big relief. Between the pandemic and everything else going on, the last thing I wanted to deal with was insurance companies, etc. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that needs legal help. Chrissy and Robin won’t let you down!

- Antonio Ferreira

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for Chrissy at Mann Law. I was in a car accident a year and a half ago, and from our first meeting I knew she was truly sincere and genuine, and wanted nothing but the best for me as her client. She and her entire staff are so friendly and down to earth, yet very professional and very skilled in the practice of law and negotiations. They were so easy to talk to and answered all questions I had. Chrissy completely exceeded any and all expectations. She went well above and beyond to settle my case with an outcome I couldn’t have imagined. I would highly recommend Mann Law to friends and family.

- Chantal Levesque

I wanted to leave a note of appreciation for Chrissy, Robin, and the whole Mann Law staff. I had several insurance related as well as personal injury questions regarding an accident that my parents were involved in. Although I wasn’t expecting it, Robin and Chrissy called me back the same afternoon. Their expertise “on both sides” provided my parents and I with the peace of mind that we needed during this ordeal. If I ever need a personal injury lawyer, I know whom I will turn to in the future. Thanks again.

- Mike Ting

When I had my accident in 2019, and Joe Bornstein took on my case, I never thought I would eventually work with Mann Law. When Joe’s office brought Chrissy’s office in I was a bit skeptical at first.

Chrissy very quickly assured me that she was here for me through it all, that I could call her or email her any time I had questions. I was not an easy client. I was hesitant to the whole process, as it was the first time I had ever had to sue someone.

Chrissy was by my side through it all. Communication from her and her office was amazing. When Chrissy said something was going to get done, it got done!

I thought the day wouldn’t come that we would settle this and close this chapter, but I am very thankful that I had Chrissy at my side fighting my battle for me, so that I could get on with being a Mom and living my life! Chrissy took care of it all (and then some)!

Chrissy is funny, down to earth, easy to talk to, and takes on her clients with all of her gusto. She is by far the best attorney I have met.

I would recommend Chrissy’s practice for all of your legal needs. She and her team left me feeling completely overwhelmed in the best way possible.

Thank you again from the depths of my soul, you totally told me you had this, and YOU DID! 🙂

- Jessica White

From A to Z, Mann Law was there. I was involved in a hit and run in the middle of the afternoon. From the time I was in an arm sling and couldn’t tie my shoes to the beginning and the end of the pandemic, they were there every step of the way. The professionalism and transparency of the process took the anxiety away by knowing that the case was in good hands and professionally handled down to the last detail.

Thank you Mann Law for your professionalism and dedication.

- John DiPietro

Chrissy and Robin were extremely helpful, kind, and responsive representation for me. They both gave me straight answers and were super helpful navigating my case and making it simple for me to understand. They took care of everything for me so I didn’t have to worry about figuring out the logistics in a stressful time, while always communicating any changes or updates. Cannot recommend them enough!

- Brian Doody

Chrissy and Robin are both caring and generous in providing me with their professional advice.

They are very compassionate and understanding of my situation. What they have done is completely above and beyond what I came to expect.

Thanks again Chrissy and Robin for your help; it means a whole world to me and my family.

- Steve Liu

I highly recommend Chrissy! It was a long 2 year road to a settlement, but she was with me and for me all the way- with respect and compassion. When the other insurance company came back with a low offer, she stood by me, believed in me and my case and didn’t give up. As we moved through the process, Chrissy kept me informed and in the loop. I found her to be a great advocate, knowledgeable, determined and professional, but also very kind-hearted and truly empathetic and genuine. During long periods of a lot of waiting, I never worried about what was happening- I completely trusted Chrissy and her team. The outcome of my case was very fair, thanks to her efforts.

- Liz Stanford
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