Although some accidents are purely coincidental, many are avoidable and only occur due to the reckless and careless actions of others.

A New Hampshire personal injury lawyer can help if someone else caused you physical harm by acting irresponsibly, pursuing civil litigation against them might be your best means of making sure they—and not you—bear the financial burden of your ensuing injuries and losses.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is far from a simple process, and proceeding with your claim without consulting an experienced attorney can be a recipe for disaster.

By retaining and working with a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer at Mann Law, you can focus on your health while we take care of the rest. 

Possible Grounds for New Hampshire Personal Injury Lawsuit

While there are some exceptions for injuries occurring under specific circumstances, most personal New Hampshire personal injury lawsuits in New Hampshire are built around “negligence.”

This means that you and your personal injury attorney must prove that someone else’s reckless or careless failure to meet a certain standard of reasonable behavior directly caused your injuries and subsequent losses.

Negligence can lead to various types of accidents, including:

Regardless of the specific circumstances, a person who acted recklessly or carelessly and caused your injuries could be accountable for damages.

As your New Hampshire personal injury attorney could explain, though, injured victims may be held partially liable for causing or worsening their losses through their own negligence.

Without legal counsel to fight for you, insurance companies and defense attorneys could argue that you were partially to blame for your injuries, resulting in reduced compensation under New Hampshire Revised Statutes §507:7-d.

Compensation in New Hampshire Personal Injury Lawsuit

If your lawyer can prove someone else was to blame for your accident, you can hold them liable to pay for any losses you experience because of your injuries.

This includes economic and non-economic forms of harm, as well as past and future losses relative to when you file the New Hampshire personal injury lawsuit.

For example, if you sustain an injury that will continue to affect you for years, you could seek compensation for medical bills, physical pain, and other losses that you will deal with in the future.

However, you must follow the filing deadlines for personal injury claims, even if your injuries are long-lasting or permanent. N.H.R.S. §508:4 allows three years after the date of injury to begin pursuing a lawsuit, with some exceptions.

Support from our skilled personal injury lawyers in New Hampshire can be vital to building a strong and thorough claim within the time limits.

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