Road traffic crashes are a leading cause of death and serious injury. Those who suffer injuries in a Portland, Maine, car accident can have a range of physical, psychological, and legal needs that can persist over long periods. These needs may also result in long-term employment and financial issues with profound personal, social, and economic repercussions.

Personal injury lawyers play a critical role in enabling car accident victims to access their legal entitlements, especially in cases when these victims are facing severe injuries and damages. The experienced and trustworthy car accident lawyers at Mann Law fiercely represent and advocate for their clients to ensure they secure the compensation they deserve. Contact a Portland Maine car crash attorney if you’ve been hurt in a car accident. 

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Should I Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Should I get a lawyer after a car accident? According to studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are over 6 million police-reported car crashes annually in the nation.

For nearly 35,000 Americans, these crashes result in fatal outcomes, and car accidents are the leading cause of death for individuals fifteen to 24 and all ages, and they are third in terms of years of life lost. In Maine alone, there were over 32,000 crashes in 2021, resulting in over 10,000 people injured and 153 fatalities.

In light of these harrowing numbers, it is clear that the legal system is inundated with personal injury claims. Attorneys play a crucial role in ensuring that a claim does not get lost in the bureaucratic insurance process or dismissed for procedural defects.

Further, car accident claims maintain unique filing, litigation, and resolution processes compared to other tort claims. First, those who suffer injuries in a car accident are more likely to seek compensation than victims of other accidents. Thus, insurance companies and the court system take measures to reduce payouts and filings. Accordingly, retaining a lawyer for a Portland Maine car accident lawsuit can give injury victims confidence that their viable claim will proceed.

Moreover, Portland car accidents are distinctive when it comes to parties. Compared to other tort claims, car accident victims are less likely to know each other. Without a prior contractual, social, or business relationship, these cases tend to become more adversarial. A trustworthy Portland Maine car crash lawyer can help navigate these complex and fraught proceedings on behalf of their clients.

Finally, some evidence suggests that car accident cases are more likely to proceed to trial than other personal injury lawsuits. Further, unlike medical malpractice and product liability lawsuits, which rely heavily on technical expert testimony, car accident cases often rely on a compelling argument for compensation.

Don’t navigate a car accident settlement on your own. Trust an experienced car crash attorney to guide you through the process.

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    Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

    The impact of a minor car accident or fender bender may not be readily apparent to the victim. Put consider these three points:

    1. Minor accidents and injuries may have long-term consequences. Even seemingly minor car damage can lead to long-term problems that can affect the resale or safety of the vehicle.
    2. Some physical injuries do not manifest until some time after the accident. An attorney can work with accident victims to address future medical expenses and other relevant damages.
    3. Working with insurance companies is often a challenging endeavor fraught with evidentiary issues and settlement negotiations.

    Should I hire a lawyer for a minor car accident? Hiring a lawyer for a minor car accident helps the victim ensure that they secure adequate compensation for their injuries and damages.

    When to Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

    When to call a lawyer after a car accident? Car accident victims should consult with an attorney as soon as possible after a collision. The two most important steps after a Maine auto accident are receiving medical treatment and contacting an attorney. Many people believe that their insurance company will work to protect the victim’s interests.

    However, insurance companies are fundamentally for-profit businesses that prioritize their interests. Thus, working with an attorney during the insurance claims process can help claimants maximize recovery after an accident. Finally, Maine has strict filing requirements. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible helps protect the victim’s claim for compensation.

    Is a Car Accident Attorney Worth It?

    Is a car accident attorney worth it? Car crashes can significantly impact a person’s livelihood, and hiring an attorney can give victims peace of mind that they will secure the compensation the law entitles. Although retaining an attorney does not guarantee a particular result, it can significantly increase a settlement and favorable outcome.

    Further, Maine follows the modified comparative negligence system. Under this system, a car accident claimant can recover compensation for their injuries so long as they are 49% or less at fault for the incident. They will be barred from securing compensation if their responsibility exceeds that level.

    For example, say you are injured in a car accident and, at trial, the jury finds that you suffered $200,000 in damages but were 20% responsible for causing the accident. In this case, your damages award would be reduced by 20%, or $40,000, making your total damages award $160,000 instead of the full $200,000.

    A Portland car accident attorney can help accident victims through any comparative issues that may arise by minimizing their own role in causing the accident. Moreover, an experienced Maine injury attorney will not collect a fee unless the victim wins their compensation claim. Therefore, there is nothing to lose by bringing an injury attorney into your case.

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