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Motorcycle accidents often produce the most serious personal injuries. Accidents with motorcycles are, unfortunately, a very frequent occurrence in Maine, and without the protection of an automobile frame, injuries from these types of accidents can be catastrophic.

Injuries from motorcycles can include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and severe lacerations leading to scarring and the need for scar revision.

Mann Law works to protect you after a motorcycle accident with the expertise and experience of our firm’s confident personal injury attorney Chrissy Mann.

We understand that your accident and the resulting injuries can affect more than just your physical wellbeing; they can intrude into all aspects of your life.

There are many questions surrounding motorcycles and helmet laws. Our Maine motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help. We are a statewide firm with satellite offices for easy access.

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Negligent Driving Leads to Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident in Maine can happen quickly and without warning. Injuries are often debilitating, and it’s usually the fault of another motorist and not the person on the motorcycle.

It is the job of a local lawyer to prove the cause of your motorcycling accident and prove negligence so that you may be compensated for your losses.

Everyone on the roadway owes each other a duty to operate their vehicles reasonably. Negligence happens when someone else fails to do so and causes damages to themselves or another driver or pedestrian as a result.

There are many ways negligence can cause of motorcycle accidents, including:

Whether you were in an accident as a result of someone else’s driving negligence, or have a loved one who was killed in a motorcycle collision, you or your family members deserve compensation.

Mann Law investigates the accident, consults with experts in the field, researches appropriate laws and safety regulations, and consults with your physicians and medical teams to prove negligence.

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcyclists are likely to suffer the following injuries in the event of a collision:

These injuries, including death, are common for motorcycle accidents in Maine. The road to recovery can be long and stressful.

Mann Law understands that injuries are often mentally taxing as well as physical, so let us navigate the post-accident legal process for you to help reduce your stress and anxiety.

We contact and work with the insurance companies, monitor your medical records and bills, and remain a crucial point of contact for anyone involved. You can focus on healing from your injuries while we handle everything else.

Damages Resulting from a Motorcycle Collision

Compensation awarded in a successful motorcycling accident claim can make you feel whole again. Emotional injuries, physical pain and suffering, and damages to relationships can result after a motorcycle crash, and the value of these damages are hard to calculate.

As experts in the field of personal injury law, Mann Law provides services to help quantify the following damages:

Monetary losses

Monetary losses include your out-of-pocket expenses for medical care, recovery, as well as the property damage to your motorcycle. Time away from your job will also account for some of your monetary losses.

Emotional losses

Emotional trauma is one of the most underestimated losses when a motorcycle accident occurs. People often do not realize the emotional toll a crash takes on them. It is important to recognize any change in mood or behavior you may have.

Unfortunately, many times, people become anxious while motorcycling following an accident or become depressed due to being out of work for a prolonged period of time. Injured bikers experience a wide variety of emotions including fear, insomnia, grief, and worry.

Insurance companies, similarly, underestimate emotional injuries. Talk to your doctor about getting help through this process, and then speak with a lawyer to make sure the insurance company will pay what the law requires.

Relationship damages

When a motorcycle collision happens, it affects the rider’s relationships with many people in their life. Maine law recognizes the loss of care, comfort, society, and companionship that a spouse suffers because of the other spouse’s injuries as recoverable damage.

Insurance companies will minimize these motorcycle accident damages, so you will want to have a Maine attorney who can explain these losses on your behalf.

Physical pain and suffering

“Pain and suffering” is a legal term that refers to a wide array of injuries that a person may suffer as a result of a motorcycling accident.

There is the physical pain that accompanies injuries, the emotional pain of worrying and wondering what the future holds, as well as the suffering a person may encounter upon the death of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence.

Work with a Maine Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Christiana Mann and the entire Mann Law team will work to reduce your stress and get you fair and appropriate compensation. During the claims process, insurance companies may try to suggest you’re at fault, so you’ll need our aggressive advocates to work on your behalf.

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