Surviving a high-speed car crash is a traumatic experience that can leave you with long-lasting medical issues.

Hopefully, you have family and friends to provide comfort and strength during your recovery. However, you will likely need resources to support your family and pay your bills if you cannot work while healing. 

Maine is an “at-fault” state, which means you can file a claim against the speeding driver’s auto insurance.

As an experienced Maine high-speed car crash lawyer, Mann Law can help negotiate with insurers who will try to pressure you into accepting a low offer.

As dedicated attorneys who care about you and your health, we can support you throughout this difficult time. Contact us today to get started.

Common Causes of High-Speed Car Crashes in Maine

In a high-impact accident, the at-fault driver may receive a citation for speeding.

Even if a citation is not issued, the collision may be considered “high-speed” if one driver exceeds the posted speed limit or drives faster than advisable for the weather conditions.

These high-speed car crashes are often caused by the following scenarios:

  • Drivers are drag racing on a stretch of road
  • The speeding driver is drunk or high
  • The driver is distracted by an electronic device
  • The driver is reckless or aggressive

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, high speeds are the number one contributing factor to a third of traffic fatalities.

Our experienced attorneys often see high-speed collision cases involving catastrophic injuries, such as:

Because the damage is often severe, victims may require substantial compensation to cover their expenses and compensate for non-economic losses.

This can include physical and emotional pain, lost future wages if they cannot work, and the lost ability to enjoy previous hobbies.

At Mann Law, our compassionate lawyers work to understand the full impact of a high-speed crash on your life. 

Proving the Speeding Driver was Negligent

To prove that the other driver was speeding and caused your accident and injuries, your attorney will rely on: 

  • Police and medical reports
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Photographs
  • Surveillance video of the area surrounding the crash

However, you may be wondering if you can recover damages if you are found partly responsible for the crash.

Maine’s Comparative Negligence Law

In many auto accidents, both parties bear some responsibility for causing harm. For instance, two drivers may have been racing before a crash.

Maine recognizes that fault may not be definitive and allows you to collect damages if you are partly to blame for an accident. 

Modified comparative negligence awards are based on the portion of fault assigned to each driver.

According to Maine’s comparative negligence law: Maine Revised Statutes §156, you can collect damage awards if you are not equally or more responsible for an accident than the other driver.

A jury will allocate a percentage of the blame and reduce your award by your share of the blame. 

For example, say two drivers are road racing, and one loses control and crashes into the other. If the jury assigns 60 percent of the blame to the driver who lost control, the injured driver can still collect 60 percent of the compensation they are eligible for.

A knowledgeable high-speed car crash lawyer like Christiana Mann can further explain Maine’s comparative negligence law and how it may impact your high-speed crash case. 

Let a Maine High-Speed Car Accident Attorney Seek Justice for You

After a high-speed car crash, you may be looking at a lifetime of rehabilitative care and limited physical function.

If someone else has put you in this devastating situation, let us help you seek justice.

At Mann Law, our Maine high-speed car accident attorneys are your staunch advocates. We know how to negotiate with the other party’s insurance company or face their attorney in court on your behalf.

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