Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have life-altering repercussions for victims and their families.

A person who sustains significant brain damage due to someone else’s negligence may have difficulty working, communicating, or even providing basic care for themselves.

A Bangor traumatic brain injury lawyer will hold the negligent party financially liable and can be crucial to getting the resources the victim needs to ease their life moving forward.

If you or a loved one experienced brain trauma in an accident, contact a Bangor traumatic brain injury lawyer at Mann Law to discuss your legal options and get the dedicated support you deserve.

A Bangor traumatic brain injury lawyer like Christiana Mann can handle every aspect of your claim while you focus on your health. 

The Importance of Diagnosing TBIs Early

Part of what makes traumatic brain injuries so dangerous is that they can be difficult to detect.

Even severe TBIs may only produce a few symptoms in the days following an accident.

By the time the severity of the injury becomes apparent, it may be too late to avoid catastrophic harm if the victim has not sought proper medical attention. 

Seek Medical Attention After an Accident

The first priority for anyone who suspects they may have suffered head trauma in an accident is to go to an urgent care clinic or hospital for immediate examination.

Even if you feel completely fine after an accident, you should still seek medical care to ensure that any brain damage is diagnosed. 

Call a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A skilled Bangor lawyer can incorporate any costs associated with your initial treatment into a lawsuit or settlement demand against the person responsible for the TBI accident.

    Whether your brain injury was caused by a reckless driver, careless property owner, or negligent medical professional, an attorney at our firm can work to hold them accountable for your medical bills and other losses.

    We can also gather your medical documentation and work with healthcare providers to establish the severity of your brain damage and build a claim for compensation. 

    Demanding Compensation for a TBI in Bangor

    Various long-term effects of traumatic brain damage can be included in a personal injury claim long before they fully manifest, including:

    • Costs of future medical/therapeutic care
    • Lost working capacity and/or income
    • Physical pain and psychological trauma
    • Lost consortium
    • Lost overall quality of life

    In most cases, Maine law sets a deadline of six years after a TBI accident to file a lawsuit for compensation.

    Retaining a TBI lawyer as soon as possible is best to ensure vital evidence is still available.

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    Traumatic brain damage is one of the most severe consequences an accident can have.

    If you are dealing with a TBI due to another person’s misconduct, pursuing civil litigation against them might be vital to protecting your financial future.

    At Mann Law, a compassionate Bangor traumatic brain injury lawyer could provide the guidance and legal representation you need to achieve a positive case result.

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