average settlement for pedestrian hit by car

Pedestrian Hit by a Car (Typical Settlement Amounts)

According to the Maine Department of Transportation, a car strikes a pedestrian on average once a day. Over 50 people died in pedestrian accidents in Maine in the past few years, and most survivors must overcome crippling, permanent injuries. If a car has hit you, you’re undoubtedly curious about how to recover compensation for your losses. 

As attorneys with years of experience representing injured individuals, clients often ask us about the average settlement for a pedestrian hit by a car.

Of course, there’s no simple answer to this question. Everything depends on a number of factors. A pedestrian hit by a car in a crosswalk will get a different settlement amount than someone tapped by a car in a store parking lot.

Read on to learn more about relevant settlement amount factors. We’ll also touch on other considerations that affect your settlement amount. If you want a review of your case, contact the dedicated Maine pedestrian accident attorneys at Mann Law today. 

I Was Hit by a Car. How Much Money Will I Get?

Determining the average settlement for a pedestrian hit by a car varies because of the complex interplay of several factors. As you can imagine, the severity of your injuries is the primary player in determining your settlement amount.

A victim of a trundling car will qualify for less compensation than someone a speeding drunk driver hit. However, the reasons for this association go deeper than some might imagine. Let’s unpack these variables in greater detail.


Your Medical Bills

For one, more significant injuries mean more medical bills. And by medical bills, we don’t just mean bills from hospital visits and surgeries. Medical bills include medication costs, rehabilitative therapy, and even psychological therapy. The higher these are, the more compensation you can recover. 

Lost Wages

The severity of your injuries also correlates with the amount of lost wages. Minor whiplash and lacerations may force you to miss work for a few days.

Broken bones, head injuries, and spinal damage may keep you out of the workplace for weeks, months, or even years. In the worst-case scenario, your injuries permanently reduce your ability to work. In that event, you can receive compensation for your lost lifetime earnings. 

Pain and Suffering

Any pedestrian injury victim can tell you it’s traumatic to be struck by a car. The emotional and psychological distress is often profound and lasting.

In Maine, the law recognizes the profound impact of these “pain and suffering” damages and allows victims to recover compensation. Pain and suffering encompasses both the physical pain and the emotional distress a victim experiences due to an injury. This can include chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even a lowered enjoyment of life.

Unlike medical bills or lost wages, pain and suffering damages don’t have a straightforward dollar amount. Instead, they vary according to the severity of your injury, the duration of your pain, the nature of the trauma, and the impacts on your quality of life.

Some attorneys use a “multiplier method,” multiplying the cost of medical treatment by a certain number to estimate pain and suffering damages. However, every case is unique, and courts consider the specific circumstances of each incident. The best way to receive a fair assessment of your pain and suffering damages is by consulting with an attorney. 

The Impact of an Attorney on Your Settlement Amount

Notwithstanding your actual damages, your legal representation may greatly influence your final settlement amount. Attorneys can increase your settlement amount in several ways, including the following:

  • In-depth investigations. Lawyers have the resources and experience to conduct thorough investigations. They can maximize your settlement amount by gathering evidence, consulting with experts, and building a compelling case that substantiates your claims.
  • Skilled negotiation. Insurance companies and oppositional parties often aim to minimize payouts using unsavory tactics. An attorney knows these groups’ tactics and can counteract lowball offers, negotiating effectively to secure fair compensation.
  • Understanding of legal procedures. The legal system is complex, with specific deadlines, processes, and documentation requirements. Missing a deadline or failing to adhere to a procedure can jeopardize your claim, but an attorney can help ensure you meet all procedural requirements. 
  • Mitigation of errors. Even simple mistakes like saying the wrong thing to an insurance adjuster or not seeking timely medical treatment can devalue your chances of recovery. Attorneys can guide you on best practices to maintain the integrity of your claim.
  • Trial preparedness. While many claims are settled outside of court, being ready for trial can be a strong negotiating point. Attorneys can present your case compellingly in court if negotiations don’t yield a satisfactory settlement.

In addition to all these benefits, having an attorney allows you to focus on your recovery rather than become entangled in the legal system. The positive effect their involvement can have on your health and well-being is difficult to overstate. 

When Should I File My Claim?

The law only grants potential plaintiffs a certain time period to file a civil action in a personal injury case. In Maine, you have six years from the accident date to bring a civil action.

The legal phrase for this time limit is the statute of limitations. Filing your claim within the statute of limitations is crucial. If you file a claim after this time period, the court may dismiss your case completely. 

Securing Your Future with Mann Law 

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