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The upper spinal cord is susceptible to severe damage in traumatic accidents, often with life-altering consequences.

Even if it does not have permanent and debilitating repercussions, an injury to the muscles or tendons in the neck can be expensive and painful to treat.

Many people who experience neck injuries can never fully recover and must adapt their lifestyle to their disability. 

Holding another person legally accountable for your accident can be complex, especially while you are dealing with painful injuries.

Let a Bangor neck injury lawyer at Mann Law handle every aspect of your case and allow you to focus on making your best recovery.

At Mann Law, our experienced neck injury lawyers can help you handle the medical and insurance processes and win the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

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Common Causes of Neck Injuries

Any traumatic accident can cause damage to the neck. For instance, motor vehicle accidents can result in direct injury to the cervical spinal cord, torn or ruptured discs between the spine’s vertebrae, a vertebral fracture, or soft-tissue damage in the form of whiplash. 

Other common sources of neck injuries include: 

  • Slipping and tripping accidents,
  • Impacts from falling objects,
  • Collisions during athletic activity, and
  • Negligence by medical professionals during surgery or other types of care (should we leave this out?)

Filing a Neck Injury Claim

Regardless of the specific cause of your accident, the most important factor in pursuing a neck injury claim will be establishing that someone else’s negligence was the primary and direct cause of your neck injury.

Your Bangor lawyer must prove that someone else: 

  1. Owed you a duty to act responsibly in a certain way,
  2. Failed to meet that obligation, and
  3. Directly caused your neck injury through their reckless or careless conduct.

At Mann Law, we work with accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to establish the facts of your neck injury and prove that someone else was at fault. 

    Maximizing Your Neck Injury Settlement

    Even if your neck injury will eventually heal with proper medical care, the financial and personal consequences of a serious accident—not to mention the physical and psychological trauma—can still be substantial.

    Even worse, neck injuries involving damage to the spinal cord often have permanent repercussions, sometimes as severe as paralysis.

    Your Bangor personal injury lawyer should account for the past and future consequences of your neck injury when filing suit, including:

    • Emergency medical bills and future rehabilitative care costs,
    • Lost short-term work earnings,
    • Lost long-term earning capacity,
    • Physical pain from injuries, 
    • Psychological trauma, including PSTD from the incident that caused the injury, and
    • Lost consortium and/or enjoyment of life.

    The Bangor neck injury lawyers at Mann Law work to establish someone else’s negligence and contest any allegations that you were partially at fault.

    Insurance companies may attempt to shift the blame onto you to avoid paying the compensation you deserve, making it important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after the accident. 

    Contact a Bangor, Maine Neck Injury Attorney for Assistance

    Neck trauma can cause long-lasting and even life-changing harm. If someone else causes an accident because they were acting carelessly or irresponsibly, they should have to pay for all your ensuing losses. You should not have to carry that burden. 

    A Bangor neck injury attorney at Mann Law can work with you to win fair compensation on your behalf, as well as handle negotiations with insurance companies and communicate with your healthcare providers.

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