Motor vehicle crashes can be traumatic experiences, even if you walk away with no injuries and only minor vehicle damage.

Unfortunately, accidents that involve cars traveling in opposite directions and colliding front-first can cause more severe damage.

Victims often suffer catastrophic and life-threatening injuries, especially in crashes at highway speeds. 

No matter where your accident happened or who was involved, a Bangor head-on collision lawyer at Mann Law can help you put the pieces of your life back together while skillfully working with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Car accident litigation can be complex and time-consuming, but guidance from a skilled attorney like Christiana Mann can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

With over 50 cumulative years of experience, our firm understands how to navigate legal proceedings and support you throughout the healing process.

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Proving Fault for a Front-End Car Crash in Bangor, Maine

Every driver in Maine assumes the same basic duty to follow traffic laws, keep an eye out for other vehicles and people around them, and generally act reasonably and responsibly on the road.

Anyone who violates that duty and directly causes a collision may be financially liable for the consequences based on their legal “negligence.”

Negligence leading up to a front-end car crash can take various forms, such as: 

  • Carelessly drifting into the wrong traffic lane,
  • Failing to yield properly in an intersection,
  • Driving drunk,
  • Driving against the flow of traffic, and
  • Texting while driving.

When it comes to holding someone accountable for your losses after a front-end crash in Bangor, our attorneys work to gather evidence of the other party’s negligence. 

Additionally, an injured person’s own negligence—for example, speeding through an intersection where someone else failed to yield—can lead to losing compensation.

An experienced lawyer at Mann Law can stand up to insurance companies that may try to blame you for the head-on collision.

    Damages in a Head-On Collision Case

    Head-on collisions involve direct impacts and significant amounts of force, often resulting in severe injuries to those involved. Survivors may need substantial amounts of compensation to cover their losses.

    Specific damages that may be factored into this type of claim include:

    • Past and future medical bills,
    • Catastrophic injury such as but not limited to broken bones and fractures, neck injuries, and spinal cord injuries,
    • Physical pain and suffering,
    • Property damage, including car repair/replacement costs,
    • Emotional trauma, including effects of PTSD,
    • Lost working capacity and/or work income, and
    • Lost quality/enjoyment of life.

    Our skilled legal team in Bangor, Maine works to understand the full impact a front-end car crash has had and will have on your life. This is crucial in pursuing comprehensive compensation for your losses through a lawsuit or settlement demand.

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