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Why Do I Receive Mail from Lawyers After My Accident?

Your car accident report is, in fact, a public record so anyone can see it and anyone can access it. This includes car accident lawyers who are hungry to represent you. In the state of Maine, car crash reports are available online for $10.00, which may result in an attorney soliciting your case. And while there are ethical rules regarding attorney solicitation in this scenario, those rules do not outright prohibit solicitation via mail from a Maine attorney.

If you’ve been injured in Maine in an automobile accident, motorcycle wreck, or other types of personal injury, you’ve probably received a letter like this. But you’ll never receive a letter inquiring about your accident from Mann Law. This is not an approach we use nor endorse.

While the public records of people injured in a car crash are available, some medical offices pay people to search for individuals injured in a car crash. Although this information is a public record, the result of receiving a letter of solicitation from a law firm can feel like an invasion of privacy. Receiving the letter can also leave you perceiving the law firm as aggressive or desperate, or lacking the personal grace to respect your space while you endure what is likely a difficult experience.

You do not need to hire, or feel inclined to hire, a lawyer who contacts you about your accident, unsolicited, via mail.

In the letter from your attorney after a car accident, crucial details about the circumstances and impact of the accident will be outlined. This includes specifics about your injuries, the financial losses incurred, and the legal basis for the compensation you are seeking from the insurance company. The letter serves as a formal communication channel to present the facts of the case and make a compelling argument for fair and just compensation.

To hire a lawyer for an automobile accident, first do the following:

  • Read the law firm’s Google Reviews

  • Ask friends, family, and colleagues for advice

  • Research the firm’s previous successes and practice history

  • Make sure the law firm is actually in Maine. Many of these big, “box store” law firms are actually headquartered in another state and simply rent an office here in Maine, making it seem like they know Maine people and Maine cases. Be careful, they don’t.

  • Contact the law firm and ask about the firm’s caseload. Depending on how many cases are given to a real lawyer, you’ll be able to assess if yours will land with an assistant, be sold off to another firm, or if you’ll be treated with the care and attention your case deserves. Otherwise, don’t become just another number.

If you have been injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident and need a Maine personal injury lawyer, contact us today.

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