Maine is an at-fault insurance state

So who pays for the damages of the accident in an at-fault state like Maine?

The driver who caused the Maine car accident must use their insurance to pay for your accident-related bills.

How is fault determined?

The car accident police report, compiled by the police after the accident, plus accident evidence, will help the police and the insurance companies determine who’s at fault.  If fault cannot be determined by those means, occasionally a car expert, such as an accident reconstructionist, will need to become involved.

The car insurance of the at-fault driver must pay to cover your damages and other accident-related bills.

Will I have to pay anything out of pocket for a car accident I didn’t cause?

Although it’s reassuring that the driver who caused your accident must compensate you for your accident-related bills, this at-fault status means coverage only begins after fault has been determined. And how long that process takes can vary depending on how hard the insurance companies fight to avoid paying.

You may have to pay out of pocket for your accident-related expenses until the insurance coverage of the at-fault party kicks in or until the value of your case has been decided.

And insurance companies could fight hard to avoid responsibility so they don’t have to pay for your bills. As a result, there are many legal loopholes the insurance companies may try to jump through to avoid paying you.

Can “fault” be divided between drivers?

Yes, for example, one driver can be responsible for 15% of the accident and the other driver can be responsible for the other 85%.

What if I’m responsible for over 50% of the accident?

If you are 50% or more responsible for your Maine car accident you can’t receive accident-related compensation from the other driver of the car accident. This is called Maine’s modified comparative negligence law.

If you are less than 50% responsible, you’re able to receive accident-related compensation minus the percentage of your responsibility. For example, if you’re 25% at fault, you can recover 75% of what you spent on accident-related bills after your Maine car accident.

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