It can be terrifying and frustrating to be involved in a car accident when the other driver leaves the scene. We all have a responsibility to provide contact information and render aid to injured people after a collision.

When people break these laws, they may face criminal consequences and civil liability. 

Hopefully, the police will track down the defendant, and you can sue for compensation to cover your losses. Even if the at-fault driver is never found, it is important to know that you still have options.

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What Do I Do After a Hit and Run Accident?

After an accident that results in vehicle damage, all drivers have a duty to:

  • Remain as the scene,
  • Provide the other driver with their name, address, and registration number,
  • Show the other driver their driver’s license, and
  • Show proof of insurance.

Failure to do so is a class E crime under Maine Revised Statute § 2253

If the crash results in a person being injured or killed, the same responsibilities apply to provide contact information to the police and anyone involved in the accident.

Additionally, there is an added duty to render “reasonable assistance,” such as taking a person to a hospital or calling an ambulance. Most violations of this law are Class D crimes according to ME Rev. Stat. § 2252

The Maine hit-and-run laws require all drivers in Bangor to remain at the scene of a collision that results in vehicle damage or physical injury.

Failing to do so is a criminal offense that can come with harsh consequences, as the hit-and-run attorneys at Mann Law can further explain. 

Negligence Laws in Bangor Hit and Run Cases

In typical car accident cases, you pursue a lawsuit using the legal theory of negligence. This means the defendant violated a duty they owed to protect you, causing your injuries.

However, in cases where the at-fault driver leaves the scene of an accident, the doctrine of negligence per se applies. In short, this means that the defendant is guilty of violating a law meant to protect people from injuries.

The laws requiring people to provide aid after car accidents are meant to limit injuries. If a person violates this law by fleeing the scene of a crash, they are considered civilly responsible for those injuries.

Therefore, if a person is convicted of leaving the scene of an accident in criminal court, they will automatically be liable for any damages in a civil case. 

A Bangor attorney could use this doctrine to hold defendants liable after hit-and-run convictions in criminal court. It is important to note that any criminal proceedings against the defendant will not compensate the victim.

    The criminal courts are only able to punish violators of the law. If you are seeking compensation for your injuries, you must do so through a civil lawsuit or insurance claim with help from an experienced lawyer. 

    Is it illegal to leave the scene after a car accident?

    Leaving the scene of a collision where a person has been injured or killed is a serious crime under state law. We all have a responsibility to care for other motorists, and violating this responsibility carries grave criminal and civil consequences.

    People injured in accidents where the other driver fled the scene should contact the police and medical personnel immediately.

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