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Areas of Practice

personal injury

Let us do the worrying for you.  The days that follow an accident can be a challenging time.  It is easy to be overwhelmed.  Your focus should be on healing.  Unfortunately, many people find themselves burdened with insurance issues and questioning how they will pay for medical expenses and recoup their time out of work.  There are answers.  That’s where we come in.



Life is unpredictable.  Issues may arise where you may be unsure of where to turn.  Contact us to see if we can help.  If we are unable to assist, we will work to guide you in the right direction.


Family law cases, like families, are unique and require skill and attention especially during times of upheaval and change.  The emotional and financial implications can be difficult for all parties.  With your goals in mind we will work towards a fair resolution that protects you; both now and in the future.

Estate Law

Planning for tomorrow takes sensitivity and forethought.  An estate plan has many facets.  This may include a Last Will and Testament or a Trust.  We will review your options and ensure that your future is protected appropriately for you and your family.